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BollyOn was founded in 2016 with the belief that Bollywood dance is an amalgamation of all dance forms – a fusion dance, taking elements of Indian folk and traditional forms alongside more modern and western forms. BollyOn Studios also offers a diverse range of dance and fitness classes, including Hip Hop, Balletone, Classical Fusion and Pop Pilates

Just because you can’t dance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dance


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What People Say

"The best out of the rest! Coach J and coach V are super talented!"

- Farina Elaina

"Coach Jaspreethe! I would say you’re beautiful both in and out. One thing that I really want to learn from you is to manage my schedule as well as you do."

- Niva Rajah

"I requested to host a workshop for a dancer from Chennai which was perfectly handled by the organization Harrveena and Jaspreet."

- Sakthi Sesodia

"Loved the energy and fun teaching style!"

- Shafiq Soomro

"Jaspreet is really great. She knows what she is doing. Really a good professional!!"

- Walmira Blank Machado

"I love it! Teacher was relaxed and professional in teaching us (beginners). Two thumbs up for Jas!"

- Elia Rante Tampang

"Teacher is so full of energy, passion and love for what she does! Highly recommended!"

- Parmeet Kaur

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More than 360 000 people have watched this video featuring Herrvena and guest dancer Irfan, which was recorded at BollyOn Studios. The duo grooved to the viral Rowdy Baby tune using freestyle Kollywood steps.

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