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frequently asked questions
How to get there?

Direction by public transport:
The nearest MRT station situated near to us is Pusat Bandar Damansara MRT Station. Once you get to the station, take the T852 Freeder Bus which only costs RM 1 using TouchnGo Card and after 8 stops you can get down at Plaza Damas.

Directions by car:
Waze to BollyOn Studios
Plaza Damas and Hartamas Shopping Centre’s parking are connected. Best bet is to park at Plaza Damas underground parking - the signage will indicate if it is the shopping centre or the plaza. Once in, find a spot closest to Block G (painted on the walls).
Come up to the shop level, you should be able see Lushbowl, a cafe. But if you dont, you may need to walk around Block G as there are a few staircases up from the underground carpark. Take the staircase on the right of Lushbowl. There will also be a BollyOn bunting by the stairs. Walk up the stairs and the studios are on your right.

Directions by foot:
If you come through the shopping mall, head to level 2, which is the open air level of Plaza Damas. It is the exit right by Starbucks Coffee. With Starbucks behind you and 7-11 infront of you, cross the street and walk down the pathway between the block of shops. MyNews will be on your right, take the right and walk along the row of shops till you reach Lushbowl.
You will see a pink signboard with “Dancestyle Studio” on it. You will also see a bunting with BollyOn written on it. Walk up the stairs and the studios are on your right.
Studio 1 is on level 3 and studio 2 is on level 2.

Is there parking?

Yes. Plaza Damas and Hartamas Shopping Centre’s parking are connected. The best bet is to park at Plaza Damas underground parking, the signage will indicate if it is the shopping centre or the plaza. Once in, find a spot closest to Block G.

Is there any age limit or range?

Dancing is a natural and ageless form of expression. We believe that there is always room to grow - as long as you can walk, you can dance.

How do I try out or register for the class?

Kindly click “Try Us” (Try Us page link) to schedule a trial class.

Do I need to bring a partner?

You don’t need a partner. Our coaches are experienced, they will lead and guide you every step of the way. However, you can always bring your friend along if you wish!

How long does it take to learn dancing?

Every individual is different, but like with any other skill, it depends on the frequency of practice. The more you do it, the faster you’ll learn. On the other hand, if you want to improve your social dance skills, then joining us may be just what you need. Either way, practice makes perfect.

What should I wear for class?

Dancing is about movement and enjoyment. We recommend wearing sports clothes. Please avoid shorts, stilettos or shoes with sharp heels as they are not comfortable to dance in.

What are the dance styles BollyOn offers?

Dance styles that we offer are Bollywood Beginner, Bollywood Followgraphy, Kollywood, Bollywood Kids (age 3-6), Bollywood Kids, Bollywood Intermediate, Bollywood Follow + Choreo, Classical Fusion, Pop Pilates, Hip Hop, Kids Hip Hop (age 4-7), Kids Hip Hop, Kids Break Dance, and Locking Dance.

What is a class like in BollyOn?

Most classes are conducted for an hour (60 minutes) or more. We have prepared the schedule of the classes. You can find the schedule in the Whatsapp catalog to find out more about our classes.

When can I start?

As soon as you come for the tryout and enroll yourself, you can join our classes. Our classes are ongoing hence you can start anytime you like.

What level should I enroll in?

Attending a trial class is a great way for you to experience other styles of dance and to find out which dance style is a good match for you. Otherwise, you may inquire with our coaches as to which level is suitable for you.

What if I can’t catch up?

Most of our students learn at a different pace. If you are unable to grasp a routine in a class, you can always opt for a beginner or private class from our coaches.

Besides dance, what are the other services you provide?

We conduct Group Fitness, Private Class, Corporate Events, Interactive Activities, Costume Rental, Community Initiatives, Workshops, Group Parties, Family Wedding Choreography, and many more. Do “Contact Us” (add the Contact Us page link) for more information.

Am I allowed to change the dance style?

Yes, you can change your dance styles. Our coaches can suggest and help you through the process of bettering your dance moves and your overall confidence. You can also pick more than one dance style!

Can I achieve my fitness goals through dance?

We are so glad you asked! Dancing is one of the best activities recommended by health experts for both body and mind. Different styles and tempos can help you to achieve your fitness goals. Our recommendation would be our most popular class - bollywood followgraphy!

What if I don’t see a class that works for my schedule?

Message us for private classes!

What are the general rules of BollyOn Studios?

  • A non-refundable and non-transferable registration/administration fee of RM100 is required for all new enrollments. Memberships can not be processed if the registration fee is not paid in full. New members will receive BollyOn merchandise as part of their enrollment.
  • Fees are non-refundable.
  • Monthly packages are valid only for that month. Credits or remaining classes will not be carried over to the next month. If you are unable to attend a class, you may replace your class with another. If you are unable to do this via the app, please inform admin.
  • If a session falls on a public holiday, classes may or may not go on as usual. Please check your calendar for scheduled classes. If classes are canceled by the instructor, a makeup class may be arranged.
  • Drop-in fees are ideal if the student is unable to commit to a fixed schedule. You may decide which classes you would like to attend based on your level of interest and convenience.
  • We use an app called Glofox to manage your fees and classes with us. We are also a cashless studio and all payments need to be made via the app or via bank transfer. The school reserves the right to discontinue the students' classes for non-payment of fees before classes begin.
  • Please pay the exact amount as stated in the fees payment schedule. Login ID of your portal should be stated in the transaction. Your portal will be activated immediately if payment is made via Glofox. Receipts are found on your portal.
  • Replacement class: Applicable for mix and match package. Not applicable for single classes unless there is another class in that style within that week. For example, regular students from Bollywood beginner on Tuesday can replace their class on Bollywood beginner Saturday within the same month until when the package expires. Replacement of classes should be informed to the management team and made adjustments in the students portal.
  • Regular attendance is extremely important. Students who do not regularly attend may miss the syllabus of the month and may not be eligible to participate in the Bollyon Studio concert.
  • The aim of Bollyon is for students to experience dance and fitness in a safe, fun, and happy space. To achieve our goal, these guidelines should be taken very seriously. We would like to stress that these points are important to ensure the wellbeing of students. Any student unwilling to profit from the education provided by BollyOn Studios may be demanded to withdraw after reasonable notice.
  • Students must inform the BollyOn Studios admin if you are not able to attend class via WhatsApp.
  • Students are required to have their medical insurance. BollyOn Studios will not be held responsible for any injury to the students.
  • BollyOn Studios is not responsible for vehicles parked under “No Parking” zones.
  • Good hygiene is to be maintained at all times.